A Gender-Neutral Clothing Line Raising Money To Fight Discrimination

A Gender-Neutral Clothing Line Raising Money To Fight Discrimination

The Room is excited to announce the launch of Their Vast Product Line of Gender-Neutral Clothing

Group of People Wearing Graphic T-Shirt's From The Room

The Room believes that Everyone Is Equal, And Deserves Quality Comfortable Clothes that fit them no matter the gender on the tag.

The Room's Founder, Sarah, Was Seeking Gender-Neutral clothing when she was beginning her Transition and found next to nothing that wasn't Gendered towards Male or Female Stereotypes. With no luck on her search, Sarah said "If I cant buy it, I'll Make it" and Created The Room.

Unlike many other Brands that Sell "Men's" or "Women's" clothing, The Room's Clothes Steer away from Gendered clothing, You Can be He/She/They/Ze/Etc. and purchase Comfortable clothing that is Stitched and Sewn without gender different styled cuts.Employee Hand Cutting Fabric For Product

The Next Great part of The Room's Brand is Social Awareness. The Room donates 5% of Every sale to Charities Fighting Discrimination of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation, When you Shop at The Room no only are you getting Comfortable Gender-Neutral Clothing, But you also are supporting the fight for Equality!

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