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The key brand resources a for our brand. Find logos, colors, and typography specs.


The Room

  • Primary Logo
    Primary Logo

    For use on Digital Items

  • Alternate With URL
    Alternate With URL

    For use on all Printed Items

  • Small Print Logo
    Small Print Logo

    For Use on Single Color Assets

  • Alternate Logo without Wings
    Alternate Logo without Wings

    Used For Printed Assets with limited space

  • Primary Logo Without Wings
    Primary Logo Without Wings

    Used For Social Media Profile Photos Only

  • Simplified Wings Primary
    Simplified Wings Primary

    Alternate Logo with Simplified Wings

  • Simplified Single Wing
    Simplified Single Wing

    For Use on Small Print Areas with Simplified Wing Colors

The Room Brand Logo Palette

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  • Blue Zodiac
    • HEX #0f1e3c
    • RGB 15, 30, 60
  • Tory Blue
    • HEX #0e3d84
    • RGB 14, 61, 132
  • White
    • HEX #ffffff
    • RGB 255, 255, 255
  • Radical Red
    • HEX #ff3445
    • RGB 255, 52, 69
  • Crusta
    • HEX #fe853c
    • RGB 254, 133, 60
  • Shamrock
    • HEX #2fc197
    • RGB 47, 193, 151
  • Pink Flamingo
    • HEX #fc6dfc
    • RGB 252, 109, 252
  • Indigo
    • HEX #415fd1
    • RGB 65, 95, 209
  • Scooter
    • HEX #31a5c6
    • RGB 49, 165, 198
  • Green
    • HEX #00ff11
    • RGB 0,255,17
    • SCSS $green
  • Everglade
    • HEX #123123
    • RGB 18,49,35
    • SCSS $everglade
  • Conifer
    • HEX #bada55
    • RGB 186,218,85
    • SCSS $conifer


The primary Font for "The Room" is Dancing Script Bold 700 Weight in White, With Outline in Blue Zodiac


The secondary Font for "Clothing For Everyone" is Lexend Deca 300 Weight in White

Dancing Script WEB

Dancing Script
Weight: 700
Style: normal



Lexend Deca WEB

Lexend Deca
Weight: 300
Style: normal





The Room Brand Name

Text Color #ffffff Outline:Β #0f1e3c Font : Dancing Script Size : 100px Line Height : 1 Weight : bold
The Room

Secondary Text

Text Color #ffffff Background #0f1e3c Font : Lexend Deca Size : 25px Line Height : 1 Transform : UPPERCASE


  • Identify Products as Gender Neutral
  • Keep Original Aspect Ratio Of Logos


  • Gender-Specific Pronouns Regarding Products Or Services
  • Alter, Squeeze, Crop, or change Aspect Ratio Of Logos
What separates us from other clothing brands is our focal stress on gender-neutral clothing. We produce the most premium quality gender-neutral clothing that aims to eliminate the age-old stigma associated with gendered clothing. We believe we have β€˜Room’ for everyone and that everyone can wear anything as long as it makes them happy. So, whether you are a He/She/They/Ze/ or others, you will always be able to find your pick at The Room
Β - Sarah Walker, Founder
Our world is not limited to just Small/Medium/Large people. The Room embraces all body sizes and thus we have sizes up to 5XL. We aim to be the most comfortable and convenient apparel shopping destination for all, regardless of who you are
- Sarah Walker, Founder
Added to fashion-forward designs, we are also known for offering the softest possible clothing in the market. Our products are made from premier AIRLUME Combed + Ring-Spun Cotton which most of the other brands skip out on to save that needed extra few bucks. But at The Room, we do not compromise with comfort and quality.
- Sarah Walker, Founder
I Love a Brand That Is Socially Aware
- Amber Martinez, Customer & Micro-Influencer
I didn’t have to wait long for it to be delivered. Initial thoughts was the shirt was soft and the colors really popped.
I’ve ordered shirts off other websites and the color was already fading or scrapping off.Β 
One week later I put it in the wash and the quality holds up like new. I love the design of this shirt and would buy again!
- Charles Logan, Customer