The Room

Movie Stream Plan

- 24/7 On Demand Access
-Apple/Android/Web/TV apps
-Thousands of Choices
-Request Shows or Movies to be added

$8.65 Monthly
$101.21 Yearly
(Save 10% By Going Yearly!)

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Payment FAQ:
All Updates Take up to 72 Hours to reflect
Plan Cancellations within 24 hours of renewal will result in Additional Month Billed.
All Payments Are Final, No Refunds Will Be Made Unless it Is The Room's Error.
Failed payments for insufficient funds will have a 24 hour period to resolve,
Fraudulent, Non supported, or lost card declines will result in immediate suspension.
If Card issues ever occur:12 hours from the first failure our system will reattempt your card.
A Second failed attempt will result in the suspension of services until resolved.
On the 3rd of the month failed renewals will be canceled and all discounted pricing will no longer be honored
Accounts Shall Not Be Shared, your IP address is linked, if our system detects usage in multiple households it will flag it and alert us.
This 1. results in higher costs and 2. can result in your account being terminated.
Movie Plans are individual plans, we are looking to upgrade our capabilities and offer a multi-user level where you will be allowed a predetermined amount of additional users on the same account